Are you in doubt with your choice of a sportsbook? Then, after reading this Top 8 betting houses in UK you are going to have everything crystal clear!

Are you tired of not being able to decide what betting house is the better for you to be their client? Are you one of those who spends all night long in order to try to find it? Are you from UK or a professional in English? If so, this article has been made specially for you because here we are going to give you a top 8 of the best betting houses in UK! Sounds amazing, right? Then, let’s start with the issue!

Note: We are not doing a normal raking here, instead, we are presenting you the top 8 beginning with the less valued sportsbook.

1. Unibet

Unibet, as every betting house, offers you a platform for sports betting, casino games, lottery betting, bingo and online poker.

At first, it has the features that every betting house has, but, if I say to you that it has considered to be one of the Europe’s largest online bookmarkers? I bet you want to know more about this betting house now so, let’s go for it!

Talking about its bonuses, Unibet offers you a marvelous welcome bonus: if you lose your first bet, you are able to get up to £40 back of your bet! But that is not all: you will also get £10 as Casino Bonus whether your bet loses or not! Nevertheless, as every bonus, you need to fulfill some requirements in order to get it: first of all, it is important that you are a new client of this site and also, that you are 18 or older. Then, you must make a deposit of £40 tops in order to enjoy this bonus. Moreover, to make the issue better, you have until 60 days in order to make the deposit, being twice that the other betting houses give you as an ultimatum.


However, if we had to point out a feature about Unibet, it is going to be its Customer Service, for sure! In fact, the site has won the Socially Responsible Operator Award at the ERG because of its great care of the customer. You can contact with them through many ways: from mobile to email, with the special mention of their accounts both in  Twitter and Facebook. They even have their own blog! Can you ask for something closer? Mmm, maybe you would like a customer service which can be for you 24/7…just like this one?

Unibet also offers you ten of thousands of events to watch live and wherever you want: football, tennis, basketball…the only thing that we need here is to know which are your preferences at the time of doing the bet.

Its payment methods deserve a special mention due to have almost all forms of payment in it and, also its secure and loyalty, using a 128-bit S(ecure)S(ockets)L(ayer) encryption, as well as regular reviews of security protocol.


2. Betfair

Having been founded in 2000 and being able to become the best betting house in bet exchange, Betfair is considered to be the most influential bookmarker within the British market. This betting house, apart from giving you an excellent sport platform, offers plenty of activities, such as online poker, card games and, obviously, the casino in order to assure that you are not going to be bored at anytime within this place. Moreover, it has lots of bonuses in almost each of its platforms, so you cannot miss this wonderful opportunity! In fact, in this article, you are going to have a so detailed information about its bonuses, so wait no more and enter it!

To finish with, we should mention its contact with the customer by offering you a Customer Service which is going to be at your disposal 24/7 and by all means: from mobile phone to social media such as Twitter.

3. WilliamHill

Any betting house can deserve more a second position on a top 8 than WilliamHill. It offers you a wide range of sports in order to do your bets, as well as a great casino platform in order to spend your leisure time with marvelous board games.

Then, it is true to say that WilliamHill is a so complete betting house to trust on but, what if I say to you that, almost every of its sections has a concrete bonus? Then, I bet that I have all your attention now! This betting house currently gives you a welcome bonus up to 150 dollars, as well as other bonuses which you can get information about here.

Moreover, to make the issue better, it is customer service is going to be always for you and with many ways in which you can get their attention. That is, they are going to work for you 24/7 and, in order to be close to their clients, you can contact them through many manners: from email to social media, such as Twitter, Youtube or even Linkedin!

WilliamHill is also good in order to make a live betting because you are going to be able to see which odds are dropping or rising at the moment, as well as which are the bets in which people trust on the most in order to have a reference at the time of doing yours. And, to finish with, we should make a special mention to their payment methods, saying that, once again, this betting house offers you all manners of paying your bet.


4. Betfred

If you are a true follower of horse racing, then, Betfred is your betting house! Currently this betting house is considered as one of the largest sponsors of UK in  horse racing. You can be informed of the most important horse races, such as the Midlands National Run at Uttoxeter Racecourse, the Dante Stakes and Ebor Handicap, both at York Racecourse and the Betfred Cesarewitch on the Rowley Mile course at Newmarket Racecourse. Moreover, you can take advantage of some marvelous bonuses, like the Faller Insurance, for example. Such bonus promises you a refund of your stake as a free bet up to £10 if the horse in which you had trusted on fell or is brought down at any fence.

Nevertheless, horse racing is not the only sport that this betting house offers you, of course! Here, you can take delight on some other sports like football, tennis, basketball, cricket, snooker, American football, ice hockey and volleyball with their respective bonuses! So, if you are a person who likes more than one sport, you are not going to dislike to be part of the Betfred community at all! Besides, you also can have the opportunity of watching your favourite team in action wherever you want with their option of watching live every play.

However, that is not everything that this betting house gives you, because, if you are a follower of casino games, then you must take the next information into account. Betfred gives you the opportunity of having a good time with its casino section in which you are going to be able to play the most popular games such as Blackjack, Poker or Age of the Gods while approaching their bonuses! Moreover, with the option of Live Casino, you can enjoy it while you are in a pub drinking a beer, for instance!

Finally, to do this betting house even more attractive, we need to point out the plenty of payment methods that it offers you: since Visa to PayPal. However, if you have a query, do not hesitate to ask them in their competent customer service in which you are going to find both their number and their email. And, if you are a lover of social media, you should follow them both in Twitter and on Facebook! It is clear, the closer to the client, the better.

 5. Paddy Power

Paddy Power is an Irish bookmaker which make business through a chain of betting shops both in Ireland and United Kingdom. It offers you the opportunity of betting at your favourite sport and also the chance of watching the play in which you have had a bet. Moreover, in order to have a good time while you are waiting for the result of your bet or because you want to do it, you can take delight on some casino games that this betting house has provided for you. Also, you can play them wherever you want with their mobile option.

You think that, apart from all this previous information, something is still missing here, do not you? If so, you are totally right because we did not have introduced you one of the most liked part of every betting house: its bonus section. We did not write anything about it just for a single reason: why are we going to rewrite something that we already have in our web page? Then, if you are interesting of knowing what bonuses Paddy Power hides -and, I am sure you are interested in- come on and enter to this link!  

 6. MyBet

MyBet is a betting house which has become very important in UK since 2002. Its headquarters are located in Malta, which is considered as one of the most important locations for sports bookmarkers. However, even though it offers you a casino platform, the fact is that, if we need to highlight some aspect of this site, that is going to be its sports betting platform and also its in-play betting.

Besides, this betting house gives you a welcome bonus of up to 200€ if you are, of course, a new client. Its customer service is available for you 12 hours per day, from 10 a.m to 10 p.m, however, they charge. That is, if you have a query that will be better to talk about face-to-face, it is going to be pretty difficult, above all in those days in which there is plenty of movement within the site.

Talking about its payment methods, you have every method what you could ask for here. Then, you are not going to have any excuse in order to be part of mybet’s community and you know that!

 7. Betway

And, finally, we have arrived in the description of the best betting house in UK: Betway!  This international gambling company promotes its image with a wide range of sports events, from horse racing to boxing, and it is the best betting house to trust on due to its marvelous customer service, bonuses, odds and security!

Talking about its bonuses, Betway offers you a marvelous welcome bonus up to £500 apart from other bonuses that are available for you in each section of the site. You can have further information about them here. If something is true us that you are not going to leave the site empty-handed!

Its customer service is also another platform to bear in mind due to its availability 24/7  through almost every form of communication: from mobile phone to social media such as Facebook or Twitter because there is not anything that a customer loves most than to be heard and helped and, with Betway, you are going to have these needs fulfilled! However, if you have a difficult query to ask them, it will be better to do it by telephone than by email.


Moreover, the number of in-play events that this betting house offers all year round is, basically, amazing. That is, with Betway, you can expect all of your favourite events to be hosted for popular sports! That is a marvelous opportunity that you are not going to miss, are you? Security, a great sports platform, a marvelous customer service, a great casino platform for the more bettors, unbelievable bonuses…they are giving you this opportunity completely free! So, for real, what are you waiting for?