Looking for juicy bonuses? Then, your wait with Betfair has finished!

Are you in a mess at the time of choosing what welcome bonus is going to be the best for you in order to start betting? If you are suffering from such situation, let me tell introduce you the bonus that offers one of the best betting houses worldwide: Betfair.

Betfair, also known as the Group Paddy Power, is an English Company whose foundation date was 1999 and, currently, it is the leader of the betting sector because of its worldwide recognition. This recognition came from their exclusive service of cross-bets which has revolutionized the Internet. Moreover, if that is not enough, their high quality in both their services and their products: their casino games, in fact, offer the customer of movements. Besides, with their possibility of watching the match in real time, you are not going to miss any important action of your favourite team! To finish with this brief introduction, it will be crucial to mention their great customer service which assures you a friendly treatment, a good speed at the time of resolving problems and an entire disposition!

To begin with, it will be very interesting to mention their welcome bonus, will not it?

Such bonus rewards their new customers with a bonification of 100 euros which is divided in five payments of 20 euros each. It is an offer whose ‘’bonus code’’ is directly offered to players once their have opened an account in this betting house and such code deals with a simple condition: You need to do 5 simple bets of 10 euros minimum to different sport events and with a minimum quota of 1,5 euros.

Nevertheless, it is important to mention that, in order to be rewarded with this bonus, you need to be a total new user in Betfair, that is, that people who has more than one account cannot take delight on this offer. Then, you need to be a total baby in this betting house in order to receive those marvelous 100 euros that Betfair is going to provide you once you comply the requisite that it has been mentioned above. ZAB444 is the code that this site is going to give you in order to put it in your account and, once you have done it, you are going to have 30 days in order to fulfill the task to get those 100 euros.

Then, once you have all this, the process is going to be easier as you think for sure. Why? Because the only thing you need to do is to go to the main page of the site in order to join in it and…Violá! You have just activated the bonus and the possibility of being accredited with bonifications in a maximum of 24 hours once the last bet has been closed.

Betfair offers its new users an interesting 3 x 10 free bet bonus, so if you decide to join Betfair now, you will get a free £10 bonus and you will not have to make any deposit. Sounds amazing, right? And you are going to take delight of it only by opening a new Betfair account and you’ll be able to get £30 for free by only betting £10!


However, that is not the only bonus that Betfair offers you. In fact, you have another nearer tan you think, in its casino:

Betfair welcomes all new Betfair Casino customers by offering them a 200% match bonus up to £300. However, as happens with their welcome bonus, the casino bonus is only available to new players who have never before played Betfair Casino. If you have played on another Betfair product you are eligible. Besides, this promotion is limited to one account per customer and it is valid until 1st January 2017.

Then, if you are a new user it its casino, all you need to do is to “buy in” with a minimum of  £10 or more and Betfair Casino will match it 200% although the maximum bonus you can receive is £300. Nevertheless, it is important that your ‘buy-in’ correlates to the welcome offer you want in order to make everything work. After that, you will just have to accept the terms and conditions and you will obtain your bonus. The games available for this bonus are shown in the Terms & Conditions of this promotion.

But, before you can withdraw your winnings it is important that you complete the wagering requirement in the specified time. That is, if you choose to ‘buy-in’ to a bonus, you will need to wager the sum of the multiplier of the bonus ‘bought-in’ to as indicated in the Terms & Condition´s table above 37 times. For example, if you ‘buy-in’ for £100, you will be awarded a £200 bonus (200% of your deposit in the all games welcome offer). You will then have to wager £200 bonus 37 times, which is a total of £7,400.


Betfair also offers its new customers a great free £5 Bonus for their casino games. The only thing that you need to do is to verify your account inserting your mobile telephone number and receiving a SMS verification. After that, an activation code will be sent to your mobile. Finally you will receive your free £5 Bonus which you will have to wager  40 times within 3 days in order to be able to withdraw any money.

Talking about its poker section, it puts at your disposal the opportunity of taking the latest casino games for a spin with €5 free play!

Then, as we have mentioned its poker section, it would be an unfair movement not to mention its bingo site too! And here, as something normal in this betting house, you can also take delight on a bonus only if it is your first time playing this bingo. Then, you can begin taking delight on £25 free dollars only with a bet of £5! This bonus is divided into two: £15 belongs to the bingo while the £10 left goes to their games.

Therefore, as we have already mentioned the great bonus platform that Betfair offers you, it will be a good time to talk about their payment methods, will not it?

There are some available payment methods for depositing money into your Betfair account as well as for withdrawing your money from there. Betfair accepts some credit cards, such as Visa or MasterCard, and some debit cards like the Master Card, for example. It is also useful to know that this betting house does not admit deposists from third parties. Then, in order to deposit or withdraw money you just have to select one of the possible deposit methods and to enter the amount you want to deposit and your password. Is there something easier? I do not think so.

And finally, in order to finish with this article, it will be interesting to talk something about all the people that are behind this marvelous platform, right? Well then…

Betfair Group PLC is a company founded in 2000 by Andrew Black and Edward Wray and it is one of the largest Internet betting exchange in the world! The company is  located in West London and operates under a Gibraltar licence. Betfair is considered to have over 4 million customers (almost two million of them are active users) and it also has 2000 employees across the world. We cannot deny now its fame worldwide!

But, before closing this article in order to become a client of this betting house, you also should know that Betfair offers us betting exchanges, whose popularity has considerably grow in the last decade. The idea of this exchange is  that you can bet against any other gambler and it offers you almost the same opportunities to bet as if you were a bookmaker. And this is the difference between betting exchange and traditional betting shops, because before you could only bet against a bookmaker and know you can face any client! Sounds amazing, right?

Then, go and become the next user of Betfair because, as you already know, you are not going to regret it.