Betting Glossary Terms

The main terms that you must know in the betting world


Account: Private spaces in the bookmaker´s website where gamblers can log in, bet, check out their wagers and modify their personal information.

All In: Term used in bets and poker to indicate that the amount played is the gambler´s total remaining.


Bad Beat: A losing streak.

Banker: A bet that a gambler considers a safe bet, with odds superiors to 90%

Bankroll: The gambler´s amount of money to bet.

Bet: Making a sports prediction playing an amount of money. If the prediction is correctly guessed the gambler will obtain yield. However, if the prediction is wrong the gambler will lose the invested money.

1×2 Bet: Betting on a soccer game in which the gambler predicts if one of the two teams is going to win or if the game is going to end in a draw.

Bonus: Money given by bookmakers.

Bookie: A bookmaker´s worker who stablishes odds for each event.

Bookmaker: A company that takes bets from the public.

British Odd: An odd expressed as a fraction.


Deposit: Amount of money that users deposit on their gambler accounts of a bookmaker.

Double chance: Kind of wager in which it is possible to bet that either one of two picked events will happen.

Double Result (Half/End): Kind of bet in which it is necessary to guess correctly the score both at half time and at the end of the game.


Each Way: A bet in which the gambler obtains winnings if the picked participant is in the top three at the end of a race or championship.

Europeand Odd: An odd expressed as a whole number or a decimal number. Example: 1.5 or 2


Fold: Number of events picked in a multiple bet.

Future Bet: Betting on a specific event which will take place in a long-term future.


Gambler: The person who makes the bet.


H2H (head to head): A bet between two runners in which the gambler must decide who is going to end the race one position ahead of the other.

Handicap: A bet in which one team has a head start that will be taken into account for the final result.


In-play betting: Betting on an event which is taking place at the same time.


Martingala: Strategy mainly used in casinos. It is based on betting the double of the previous bet on the same event. Although it is often a losing strategy, using bonuses combined with this strategy could provide us with some profit.

Multiple Betting: It is a bet in which more than one betting is combined. Bet on more than one prediction at the same time. More than one betting is made with some predictions.


Nap: A specific bet selected by a tipster as the best of the day.


Odd: Term used to express the prospective winning if a gambler bets on a specific event and situation.

Over/Under: Kind of bet mainly used in football to predict if the total number of goals scored will be over or under the number of goals set up by the bookmaker.


P2P (person to person): Kind of bets made between two gamblers in which the bookmaker does not set up the odd and obtains a commission based on the winnings of one of the two gamblers.

Payment: Amount of money earned by the gambler after winning a bet.

Picks: Bets recommended by Tipsters.

Probability: The chances that an event will occur, expressed in a percentage.

Profit: The money earned after deducing the money invested in the bet.


Rollover: Number of bets or amount of money played that a gambler has to make before being allowed to withdraw the balance of a betting bonus.


Score: Making a lot of money with one bet.

Single Bet: It is a bet where just one prediction is made.

Special Bet: A bet that is normally not available in the events options, but the bookmaker sets up in special occasions.

Stake: Unit of measure used to calculate the amount of money that a gambler has to bet.

Steam: It is produced by the quick fall of an odd due to the fact that many gamblers are playing for that specific result to happen.

SureBet: Two bets made for one event based on odds that guarantee a minimum winning regardless of what will be the result of the event.


Tipster: Expert who shares his betting knowledge about high value bets with other gamblers

Trading: Betting strategy in favor of a high odd event with the purpose of afterwards betting on the opposite lower odd event. With this method the gambler obtains yield whatever happens.


Valuebets:  A bet considered highly probable by the gambler to produce yield.


Yield: Measure of profitability that tells the gambler which bets have been more profitable.