Are you still betting in your house? If so, come one and download the exclusive Bwin app!

Are you tired of being the only one of your friends who cannot bet outside home? Are you always the only one who is not able to talk about the last bet with your partners because you have not your betting application near you? Then, what are you waiting for installing the exclusive Bwin sports app in your mobile phone or tablet? You have the choice of being able to follow all matches in which you have bet!

But first of all….what is Bwin app about?

As you can see in the image above, Bwin is another betting house which offers you a wide range of movements: live bettings, the opportunity of following the current movements of the sport you like most and to predict its next movements, different bonuses, casino games…well, you can enjoy all the emotions of doing bets while you are drinking a beer in a bar, for example.

Do you want to know more? Keep reading then!

Having the Bwin app installed in your portable device, you are going to gain access to one of the biggest sport offers, competitions and markets of all of the sector. The opportunity of betting live at a breakneck speed is nearer than you could ever imagine! Besides, due to its wide offer, you can have a great access to a lot of markets than in other betting house.

Its facility at the time of using it is also another of its good points. That is, in order to do a simple bet, you only need to click in your desired cuota and, if you want to add more bets, you just need to press upon the circle. However, you should go with great care in each step you take in order to not to make any mistake. But, why would you run if you have such a detailed menu of statistics and the choice of following your match live? With an special mention of its complete section of sports news! With all these advantages, you cannot deny its popularity around the world!

With its betting search, you can have a quick access to your desired markets, in order to be able to bet with only two clicks. Moreover, Bwin will warm you with markers and live alerts each time a match in which you have a bet is about to happen. It is like the alarm clock that everyone would like to have instead of the one that wake you up everyday!

Its freedom at the time of doing your profile and at the time of searching for the information and matches that you want and its great help platform make Bwin the betting house that anyone can miss in their mobile phones!

Continue, continue because…there are more advantages!

Bwin offers you some options with which you are going to be able to organize, to search and to localize your bets in a very comfortable way.

  • ‘Now live’ will connect you with all those matches which are playing in that moment. In order to find the one that you want to watch, you just need to click in your desired sport, to choose the filter ‘Now live’ and also to choose the country. Then, once you are in, you are going to be able to see all those matches of the sport that are being played in that moment, with its timetable and leagues. If you do not see the filter, do not worry, it is not because your app is broken but because no match is happening at that time.
  • ‘Today’ is another filter that is at your total disposal and that offers you all the events that are being celebrated in your selected sport. You just need to go to the sport and to press such filter and then, a wide range of events, grouped by their leagues’ popularity and their timetables, appear only for you.
  • With the ‘Starting soon’ filter, you can find which matches are about to start, grouped in timetables and in leagues. To go there as in the previous filters, you just need to click in the selected sport and to press, then, that filter. Finally, you are going to find all the information of those matches which are starting in about one hour.
  • ‘Changing the sport of the category’ allows you to go back to the area where all the sport categories are found if you want to change your previous sport for another one.

You can have all the information of that sport that you like most in just few seconds. Amazing, right? Then, more amazed are you going to be once I had explained you the easiness of downloading it whether you are Team Apple or Team Android.

If you are Team Android…

You just need to go the proper web of the application in order to find a link from which you are going to be able to download it in easy way. Then, once you have clicked the link, you just need to follow  these simple steps in order to start enjoying the application:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then, tap on Security in order to allow the download of ‘’Unknown sources’’ in your device.
  • And, finally, save all those changes.

If you are Team Apple…

Then, you can get it even easier! You just need to click in the image below and…voilá! Bwin now belongs to you too!

Then, taking everything into account…Thanks to this application, you can..

  • You are also able to see your selections and to modify your betting slip as many times as you want.
  • You have the opportunity of playing those casino games that Bwin has for you in order to make the wait for the results of your bet more pleasant.

So, come on and download Bwin for your mobile phone or tablet now! Besides, if you become a client, you are going to obtain a welcome bonus of almost 100 euros -that is, the 100% of your initial deposit-, which will be added to your credit. It is an opportunity that you cannot let to pass!