Every successful person has had a mentor before! Then, here you can find the best tipsters to assure your victory

I know that every bettor is smart enough in order to know that, at the time of betting at some sport, it is hardly impossible to calculate exactly how many possibilities one has in order to win it. At last, although there are some strategies, the fact is that, sports betting are something completely unstable. Nevertheless, there are some people that seems to be against all this rule of chance and are constantly winning in their bettings. They are the envy of every single bettor. Everybody wants to have them as their assistant at the time of helping them with their bets.They are tipsters.

To be a tipster means to be like a bet runner, an expert who is going to tell you to which team you must bet or not. There is a tipster per sport, that is, if you want to bet in football, it is obvious that you are going to search for a tipster who is an expert in football matters, not in tennis, for example. However, although there are lots of moods that you can adopt in order to continue in the betting word, such as having temperance at the time of losing a bet, it is true to say that, living by and for the bets will mean to live too much to the limit, even for tipsters.

Nevertheless, tipsters must deal with one of the most powerful barriers within the betting world: with betting houses. That is, although for a tipster, to help people to bet is like a hobby, for a betting house, this help can mean a winning that leads, then, to a loss of money to them. For that, there are some betting houses that forbid the option of betting to this kind of persons. They are dangerous for them. Nevertheless, this prohibition is somehow useless because, it does not matter how good a tipster can be, anybody can predict the future so, the risk of losing is still there. At least, betting houses know that, even though the probabilities of winning can increase with a tipster, the truth is that, in the end, the betting house is going to earn more than they lose because they are constantly earning money.

But, going to the main issue here…now that everybody knows what a tipster is, we can make a list of who are the best tipsters around the world, above all in UK, right? Then, let’s go for it!

Starting at the the beginning, we need to say that, it is somehow complicated to have a general ranking of the best tipsters since each of them can be incredible in one sport while the worst in the other. At least, the most important issue here is, first of all, to know what your preferences is, that is, at which sport do you want to bet on and, then, you can begin searching for the best tipster in your selected sport. Therefore, what we are doing here is to give you a top five of tipsters of the most popular sports in UK, that are cricket, football, rugby, tennis and horse racing. Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin!


This sport is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams of eleven players each on a cricket field. The objective is to hit the ball with the stick and to complete a entire round in the field. It is like baseball, right? Well, if you are a loyal bettor to this kind of sport, you need to get into touch -or, at least, to know them- with the following tipsters:

1. Srl Ramanujan is the first one at the final of this ranking, that is, he occupies the fourth position. He is a junior tipster yet, so his losings are more than its benefits. However, if he has been commemorated with a position within this ranking, it is for a reason, right? So give him a chance at least!
2. Shiva Narain is in the middle of this sandwich, being also a junior tipster but with a little more benefits than the former.
3. Rock Solid is almost at the top of this ranking with a second position. He is also considered as a junior tipster but, even though he has been playing less than the other three, the statistics show that he has had more benefits than losings. Are you going to give him an opportunity then?
4. And, last, but obviously not least, we have Dabangg Shuvo as the best tipster in cricket with more winnings than losings in the last few months. For some reason is he considered as the only expert tipster, is not he?


This sport is another form of football which was born in England and whose main objective is to score the ball in the final of your opponent’s side. It is played between two teams of 15 members each and is featured mainly by continuous action and prohibition against the use of substitute players. Therefore, if you strong point is this sport, you need to bear in mind the following names:

1. Roy Strudwick has the last position in this ranking. Nevertheless, he is considered as a senior tipster due to both his activity and his more earnings than loosings. Then, I am serious at the time of saying to you that you need to give him a chance, you are not going to regret it at all!
2. Phill Ribot occupies the third position of this ranking. However, unlike with cricket, he is already considered as a senior tipster and…it is normal considering the fact that, in these last months, he has always finished winning.
3. François Boulogne is almost at the cum of this top 4 with the second position.
Currently, he is having good statistics and also he has been very active since June
4. However, if we need to crown someone because of his constant activity since the
origin of times and his continuous streak, that person is going to be Andreas Kloft,
considered as a featured analyst. I swear you are not going to be able to be more
comfortable and secure with any person than with him.


And here we have the most famous sport by excellence, that is, football. This game is composed by two different groups of eleven players each and, the objective is to carry a ball through kicks and ball passes to the goal posts of the opponent’s side. Then, even though I know this information is unnecessary for the majority of mankind, once saying it, we can proceed to cite you the best tipsters in this sport.

1. Ben Linfoot is the last in this ranking. His specialty is to give tips mainly on the big leagues and Champions League and opts for the selective approach of a few well-thought out tips rather than tipping larger numbers of selections.


2. Pete Nordsted, with a book called Mastering Betfair in which explains some strategies to make money trading on the betting exchanges, occupies the third position in this ranking. He is a full-time sports trader and a great football tipster. That is, he can spend so many hours watching and analysing football markets in order to know which is more valuable and why. Besides, he is running two web pages: peternordsted.com and the premierbetting.com. So, if you are searching for someone who is a know-it-all in this sport -that I am sure you do-, Peter Nordsted is, for sure, your man!


3. Angus Loughran, also known as ‘’Statto’’ is recognized for his almost encyclopedic knowledge of football due to his continuous hours watching matches. In fact, although he was suffered from a bankrupt, he attained to recover himself and to be reported as one of the main investors in stats firm Opta, which was sold £47 millions in 2013. He is also a know-it-all in horse racing, so, come on! He is really a great, great match!


 4. And, in order to finish this ranking, we have Kevin Pullein as the top of it. He is considered to be the best football analyst and, therefore, tipster of UK. This is due to its very well reputation as a predictor of everything that is related to football. In fact, he also had a regular column on The Guardian where he used to write marvelous articles based on general trends in football betting. Some of his articles are the following: ‘’Trendspotting: Don’t bet on a goal rush just because it’s a mismatch’’ , ‘’Putting a value on home pride’’ and ‘’Trendspotting’’. All these articles are, of course, the result of a continuous and rigorous analysis of football. Then, if you are able to contact with him, I reckon you are going to have the best of the lucks!

Horse racing

Horse racing is an equestrian performance sport. It usually involves two or more horses ridden by jockeys -who is the person who rides a horse- for competition. The goal here is, obviously, to arrive first at the final of the career. This is considered as one of the most ancient sports all over the world. Then, once we have introduced the sport a little bit, it is time to talk about the best tipsters in such sport:

1. As we like to go from bottom to top, we are going to begin, once again, with the last tipster of this top 4, and that is going to be Master Racing Tips. It is a selective horse racing tipster which averages around 1 to 2 selections per day. These selections, besides, are sending the evening before the bet so you can have plenty of time to decide what selection do you want to take.


2. The third position goes to Russell Blair Racing, which has the fame of being the best horse racing tipster on twitter. Such website has had a great success this year and its continuous development is a thing to bear in mind. Are you going to pass the marvelous opportunity of trying it? Is that for sure?


3. The second position corresponds to Overpriced Horse Tips, the perfect horse racing tipster if you are looking for a long term and low risk tipster. That is, with this horse racing tipster, you can have the opportunity of making £1000’s with a small layout on bets!


4. And, finishing with the dessert, we have DG Tips as the master of this ranking. Such webpage is running by a person who has been within this world since a young age. Then, once he/she has studied and analyzed every movement of horse racing, that was when the constant earnings began to appear. However, his/her knowledge is still increasing day by day so, if you are looking for a loyal and a secure tipster, you cannot waste this opportunity!


And, finally, we have tennis as another popular sport in UK. To play this sport, you just need to have, at least one opponent (singles) or to have a mate and then, two opponents as a couple (doubles), a tennis racket and, obviously a tennis ball. Then, you just need to beat your opponent by trying to make the tennis ball fall on within his/her side. In order to have a set, you need to have 40 points. Then, if you are a follower of this sport, you are going to be interested in the following tipster:

1. Betting Kingdom is the last in this ranking due to be the smallest site of every of the horse racing tipsters that we are citing below. That is because it is a UK specific enterprise. However, it offers you pretty advantages, such as an active and entertaining community aspect where both competitions, blog posts and discussion are available. Besides, every tip you do is accompanied with a suggested bookmaker and its correspond odds and also it can be liked by other users in order to know if your tip is popular or not.


2. Betting expert is another tipster site in which you are going to find a place not only for tennis but also for plenty of sports. Besides, it is curious somehow the way in which it presents tips from a large number of varied individuals. In this site, players have total freedom to post their own betting tips and, whether they win or not, this situation gives other users a proper idea in order to know what type of tip they need to follow.


3. And, to finish with the ranking, there is the Online Betting Guide (OLGB) at the top of it. This site is one of the most respected pages in UK and, it is normal due to the wide variety of sports that it offers you and the huge amount of tips. Besides, this site also has a dedicated section for tennis tips which is considered as one of the best sites in order to search for tennis tips. This site gives you not only the tips of today, but also the future and the past tips, so you are not going to be lost at any moment, for sure! Being easy to understand and to use, we can say that, if it has been crowned as the best site in UK at the time of looking for tips, it is because this site has deserved it!

Then, now that you know what a tipster is and we have provided you some of the best tipsters of the most popular sports in UK…what are you waiting for getting in touch with one of them? The choice is all yours!